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We’re Australia’s biggest online and multi-channel retailer of premium range fasteners, fixings and consumables for tradesmen, light industry and serious DIY’ers. We are the only Australian fixings and fasteners company to offer customers this unique and convenient way to shop, ensuring busy tradesmen can access our high performance range whenever they like at massive discounts. So what does this mean for you The Australian hardware and building supplies industry is a huge, multi-billion dollar industry with future explosive growth due to the massive construction requirements of new housing and infrastucture, fuelled by a rapidly expanding population predicted to grow by 38% in the next 15 years We’re also growing rapidly and to meet the high customer demand for instore shopping and local collection we’re looking for motivated professional owner-operators who want to join in our success as we launch and roll-out our network of Scrooz® trade centres. Running a Scrooz® trade centre you’ll receive national and webstore driven sales plus full support and training which combined with your locally driven sales, will help you become the most successful and profitable fastener and fixings business in your area. To maximise potential earnings for each franchisee, branch numbers will be strictly limited with generous territories. So if you’re ambitious, want the rewards of your own hard work and think you have what it takes to invest in and run your own business as part of the most exciting innovative company in the fixings, fasteners and hardware industry in Australia today, then we want to hear from you. introduction to Scrooz ®
A bit more about Scrooz ® We’re an Australian independently owned company, based in the Redlands Qld, with over 20 years international experience in the fixings and fasteners industry. We know fasteners very well and more importantly how to sell them. We are a high volume, maximum profit business with strong branding offering a fresh, current solution to fastener retail, ensuring our customers get the right fixing for the job at the right price, day or night, seven days a week. We sell our high performance premium quality products direct to end users and we want to keep our prices as low as possible, so you can’t buy Scrooz® products through any other distributors, middle men or re-sellers. Typically you’ll find our pricing around half that of a major hardware store or local bolt shop and so combined our much higher product quality, you can see why our customers love us and why we’re expanding rapidly. What do we sell Our range has been tailored specifically for the Australian market focusing on a streamlined combination of our own innovative and exclusive trademarked products, sourced globally to international standards, along with high volume popular products. Most fastener companies and bolt shops stock and sell all sorts of sizes and types of bolts and screws, from old imperial threads to obscure metals and finishes. Whilst they serve the local community admirably, the fact is these fasteners are sold in very small volume which generates little profit and could be held in stock for years. Our core range has been designed to offer everything our target market needs but massively simplified, resulting in easier stock control allowing you to concentrate on maximising profits through volume sales. Our company is aligned with AS/NZ ISO9001:2008 and our products meet Australian Standards where applicable, we even carry the premium and highly prized European Technical Approvals on some of our products. Nothing goes in a Scrooz ® box until we’ve rigorously tested and approved it. Our brand is synonymous with high quality fasteners, fit for the trade and we want to keep it that way. How do we sell Our multi channel sales operation includes a highly successful ecommerce store for 24/7 web ordering, national telephone sales ordering and full facility in-store local shopping. All our products are fully priced on our website, downloadable flip book and free giveaway 120 page trade catalogue all of which are constantly updated so the customer has the complete range, pricing and new product information at their fingertips at all times. Increasing accessibility to our range is the foundation of what we do and our network roll-out of local branches will achieve our goal of 100% digital and traditional access to Scrooz ® products across Australia. more about Scrooz ®
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How big is the market The home improvement market is worth an estimated $42 billion annually in Australia along with a construction industry worth $305 billion, add into this the equally sized engineering, manufacturing and maintenance sectors and you start to see just how huge the market is. Recent figures estimate the fixings and fastener industry to be one of the largest and most profitable in the supply chain with an estimated sales for 2012 of $4-5 billion. A predicted explosion in population of 38% to over 30 million by 2030 will result in massive demand for construction of new housing and renovation of existing housing stock and support buildings such as schools and hospitals etc, and we’ll be ready for it. So why choose fasteners Selling fasteners is fantastic, they have a high profit margin, compared to most goods, and best of all they are a repeat sale consumable, so a loyal trade user will keep buying continually. Statistics show a carpenter will buy an average of only 3-5 hammers in his trade life, compare that to 1-2 million screws per average tradesman. They’re also easy to store and ship compared to other construction products like timber, bricks and plasterboard and most have no shelf life. The misconception that small parts generate small orders is nonsense, with typical order values in the range of $250 to $1000, and lots of them, it’s a great industry to be in. Who is our target customer Tradesmen from the construction, renovation and maintenance markets are the biggest users and we also target customers from the light manufacturing to heavy engineering industries, but of course our multi channel selling means everyone now has the access to our high performance products and we welcome all customers. Australia is a practical nation, everyone is ‘doing’ something, just look down any street at the number of utes and sheds and that will tell you that this ‘hands on’ nation loves building, renovating and making things and we’re delighted to offer them quality Scrooz ® products, made for the job, at the right price with all the convenience of 24 hour shopping. The competition We are the first company to offer a franchise system in the fasteners and fixings industry. On a national level, our business model is completely unique. On a local level, we are half the price of typical bolt shops and large retailers and we don’t compromise on quality, so the answer is – what competition? the fastener industry
Why should I buy a Scrooz ® franchise We’re the first and only fastener company in Australia offering franchise opportunities in our industry. The model that we have extensively tailored is well proven overseas where a recent branch roll out, commencing 8 years ago, now generates over a $950m in sales across the network. With our modern approach and great range combined with our low trade pricing, you can be in at the start and grab one of our exclusive profitable territories. We want you to be very successful and grow your business with our brand so we’ll be helping you drive your business forward by increasing Scrooz ® brand awareness across Australia with our bold, creative and continual national marketing across our multi-channel operations. You could be earning as soon as you launch with all sales we take through our webstore or sales lines in your postcode region being sent direct to you, so we could be generating income for you from your first day. Our goal is to be the biggest fastener retailer in Australia with a branch within easy drive of 90% of the population, so we’ll be constantly helping you at a national level to grow your branch. We’re in it for the long haul and we want you to be as well. Our aggressive roll-out combined with considerable pre-launch interest and strictly limited places means we only want to partner with the right people so please be aware that not everyone who applies will be successful. What experience do I need Ideally you will have already have a background in fasteners, fixings or an associated retail field. You could be an experienced tradesman with good fastener knowledge looking for a career change or be an existing fastener business that wants to re-brand to Scrooz®. But if you know fixings and fasteners and have the drive and commitment to make your trade centre a success, then we want to hear from you too. Will I get some training Of course, initially you’ll come to our Head Office for full training covering all aspects of running your branch and complete our fixings and fasteners training course. We’ll also be at your Trade Centre opening to make sure your launch runs smoothly and we’ll contact you regularly for more product training and updates as our range expands. We also offer support for day to day sales and technical queries and you’ll be allocated a personal account manager that you can contact anytime during office hours. What does a Scrooz ® franchise cost Depending on the area selected and size of store, Scrooz trade centres start from $300,000 (including opening stock). Add in premises, fit-out and equipment etc. means you’ll typically need around $400,000 total to get your trade centre operational. the Scrooz ® franchise
What is my return on investment Running your own business is hard work, particularly a busy Scrooz ® Trade Centre and whilst we’ll give you all the tools you need, ultimately the success of your business will depend largely on your own energy and commitment. Our success is based on high profitability and whilst we cannot guarantee sales revenues, there is no ceiling on what you could earn and we would fully expect your investment to be re-paid in the first 3 years. What premises will I need for my store Your Scrooz® Trade Centre should be prominently located in a modern light industrial business or retail park and fitted out in our Scrooz ® colours, including full branding and signage. You’ll need a minimum floor area of approximately 200 – 350sq m plus generous parking. Naturally we’ll help you choose suitable locations and assist during setup to ensure your branch opens successfully and brand integrity is maintained across the network. Can I have more than 1 store Yes you can, we actively encourage multi branch expansion for those with the necessary skills to build and manage a successful local network. Can I sell other things in my Scrooz ® store Sure you can, you’ll build your Scrooz® Trade Centre around our core range and if you decide you want to add other products to sell then we’ll gladly support you if they meet our brand quality standards. What about the future We have a hugely successful future ahead of us, alongside our existing premium range we have a considerable number of new innovative products ready to launch, most of which are yet to be seen in Australia and all with huge sales potential. We’re always sourcing new products and manufacturing special items just for us so you’ll always have something new, exciting and exclusive to sell in your Scrooz ® Trade Centre. Ok I’m interested, what do I do next Just fill in our expression of interest form and fax or scan and email it back and we’ll give you a call for an informal chat. Our application process shows you all the steps involved in becoming a Scrooz® Trade Centre owner-operator.
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