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First off, We are CHIP-A-HOLICS There’s nothing in the world that humans snack on more than chip


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OUR STORY ConeHeads™ is founded by Gary Katacouzinos,who has over 30 years experience in the food Industry.   THE CONCEPT Fresh fast food for people on the go ConeHeads™ arrived as the result of incorporating the best elements of the old-fashioned fish &chip shop,the chicken shop and the classic take-away. Our store promises an exciting product and faster service using new systems and formulas coupled with state-of-the art technology,and of course showcases a modern look,such as our island bar kiosk .   Get Your Hands around these cones ConeHeads™ uses innovative packaging specially designed by us for hungry people on the go.Our chips are served in a comfortable and easy to grip cone with a dipping sauce attachment. Our Cones are made with recyclable paper and are generous in size to allow for the creative presentation of our products. We also have a fun size cone especially for ‘little fingers’.No ager estriction applies. OurProducts are aimed at the young and the  young at heart. OUR FOOD Our chips are not a side order At ConeHeads™ hot chips are our speciality. We use Healthy choice quality Australian chips made from the best potatoes grown in Tasmania. Our Cooking technique coupled with our special salt recipe creates a crunchy chip on the outside and a tender fluffy potato on the inside, giving our chips a distinct taste that is unique to us. Our chips can be enjoyed with or without one of our many gourmet toppings such as thick country style gravy, melting tasty cheese,spicy salsa, authentic chili cancarne& bolognese;or with over a dozen dipping sauces,. Fast.Healthy.Responsible At ConeHeads™, we believe in health,nutrition,best quality ingredients and great flavour .   Healthy Choice Potatoes We use healthy choice chips made from premium quality potatoes to ensure the taste and quality of every bite you take.The secret to Coneheads™ is fresh cooked chips made to order every time. Trans-Fat Free We are keen about the health of our customers. We have worked hard to make our products totally Trans-Fat free,by using health friendly ingredients and better cooking techniques.   GMOFree All our products are GMO Free. As we care for your health,we give special importance to the quality of every ingredient we use and every product we serve.   Eco Friendly We are dedicated to minimize our impact on the planet . Our packaging is made from recyclable materials and is specifically designed by engineers to maintain the flavor and freshness of the products. Contact us now about franchise opportunities around Australia and New Zealand . Unknown-1images

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